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interesuje wiec nas ten kawalek:

........Many thousands of years pass.
Be'lakor Becomes the First Daemon Prince
The first mortal made immortal, Be'lakor rules supreme as a Daemon Prince for centuries. However, his pride becomes his undoing, angers Tzeentch, and incurs the wrath of the Changer of Ways. Be'lakor is cursed to become the true spirit of Chaos and takes the mantle of the Harbinger, he who crowns conquerors. (Warhammer Armies: Hordes of Chaos)
  The First Favoured Warlord of Chaos, Morkar the Uniter, Is Crowned by Be'lakor
The first Champion of Chaos crowned by Be'lakor is known as Morkar the Uniter. Morkar begins a massive war from the Chaos Wastes and is defeated only with great effort by the elder races. Be'lakor's enforced servitude fans the flames of jealousy and frustration in his heart, causing his downward spiral into madness. (Warhammer Armies: Hordes of Chaos)
A long time passes (approximately 1,500 years).
c1999 –to c2,000 Be'lakor Rules Mordheim as the Shadowlord
Be'lakor briefly manages to escape his curse by assuming the form of the Shadowlord in the blighted city of Mordheim. There, he possesses the body of the next favoured warlord, Khaardun the Gloried, but finds himself trapped, sustained by the warpstone permeating Mordheim's ruins and unable to escape. Eventually, consumed by rage and hate, his corporeal form is destroyed. Be'lakor returns to his tormented existence and slowly loses his grip on sanity. (UK WD 268).......

ktos to moze mi przetlumaczyc na polski? ale całość powyzszego tekstu. :oops:

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:) jakby ci powiedziec... ja ciagle namawiam klubowiczow do przetlumaczenia krotkiej historii mordheima co ja zaczalem jakis czas emu tlumaczyc... :)

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jezeli mowisz o tej z podrecznika to tam nic nie ma ciekawego :P

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no teraz juz prawie wiem jak to sie stalo wszystko ;)

Bel'akor crashed into Mordheim and was attempting to regain his bodily form (he was forced to lose it some time previously). He eventually gained the ability to have his body, and then later to have it outside the corrupt city of Mordheim. 500 years later he went on to have a lot of fun in Albion, then join the chaos attack in Storm of Chaos. This is all according to the Storm of Chaos.

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poniewaz juz wszystko sie przejasnilo, wiec napisze o Panu Cieni wiekszy tekscik dzisiaj wieczorem i wrzuce na gildie.