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Zasady super turnieju w Niemczech!
« dnia: Styczeń 26, 2006, 05:13:09 pm »
ome news: the registraion is now open  

This are the rules:

- No Steamtank, Dragon, greater Demon or Hellcanon
- No reknown Dogs of War for not Dogs of War Armys, no Allied , no spez. Chars, no Appendix lists
- No Coreunit more then 3 times (incl. Weaponteams)
- No spezial Unit more then double
- No double rare Unit
- No magic lore can be used more then twice
- Max. 8 Powerdice can be used in one turn
- Max. 3 Chariots or units of Chariots
- Max. 3 flying units
- Max. 2 Terror causing Modells (only one may be a large target)
- Max. 5 Cavalry units (only three units with Armorsave 4+ or better)
- Max. 5 Units Skirmisher with US 3+
- Max. 5 Fanatics / 4 Dammaz Drengi
- No Warmachine may be taken double (two for one choice are still fine)

- Bound Spells count in that turn they are used as 1 PD (up to Powerlevle 4) and as 2 PD (with Powerlevle 5+)
- Flying Unit with this rules means: each flying, floating unit and characters with US 1 and Movement 7+
-Against the Cavlimit also counts: demonic Cav, flying Cav and Character on Monsters with Profilstrength 5+
- Infanterieunits with different weapons for closecombat or ranged weapons count as differnt units (3 units X-Bows and 3 units Warriors are fine)

- Chaos may choos each unit from a differnt book only once.
- Bretonia may choose one unit Pegasusknights not from the AS 4+ Budget. Also the must not play the battlestandartbearer and so they are only allowed 4 Characters like all other armys.
- Demonic Legion: the first "True Coreunit" must be US 15+.
- Handgunner and Crosbows count as the same choice.
- Khemri: only the Prist count as using the magic lore
- Skaven: Jezzails count as warmachine (so only one unit)
- Vampire: The Summ of US from Black Knights and Grave Guard may not be more then 32. New raised units must be placed completly within 18" from the caster. They must be raised 4 models wide.
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