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Dostałem informację o planowanej przez niemców wystawie objazdowej promującej artystów z krajów nadbałtycjkich. Podobno są gratyfikacje finansowe:

Art is a nuntia of peace.
Baltic Sea: Ocean of Peace - "Reflections of shores bygone".
A Project of the Baltic Sea Neighbour States in Celebration of Europe
Commemoration Day, May 9. 2006.

In May 2006 eight places in eight countries will simultaneously open their
gates to show the artwork. Five artists from each country Denmark, Estonia,
Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden will be selected in a
precedent competition. There is no limitation, sculpture is equally welcome
as computer art, video art or any other form of work. There are rewards for
the artists.
A catalogue will be published and distributed.

This project is designed by Prof. Dr. h. c. Juliane Berger from Schwerin
and commissioned and certified by the European Union under the number CLT
Submissions shall be sent to Prof. Berger or to the publishers office in

Prof. Dr. Juliane Bergers art work is internationally presented since 1989
and she became the first woman ever to be awarded the Rembrandt Medal in
1993. She reached wide acclaim with her international art projects. She
lives in Schwerin/FRG.

Prof. Dr. h.c. Juliane Helene Berger
Demmler Strasse 10
D-19053 Schwerin
Tel +49 385 5 00 76 92
E-Mail <>

This project aims to contribute to the dialogue between nations and
countries in a shared pursuit of peace and freedom. It will employ
simultaneity and publicity to reach this goal.

The two basic propositions are on one hand the vital role of the arts in
the lives of individuals as well as nations and on the other hand the
political, cultural, economic and social rearrangements within the EU in
course of the incorporation of the Baltic states.

Art is a basically human pursuit that will only prosper in peace and
freedom. Moreover art is one of those relieving ways of contemplating and
compensating sorrow and harm and the yearn for peace and happiness. Freedom
needs safety. Art leads to friendship across all misunderstandings and
barriers. Only true friendship may grant freedom without fear and distress.
Art is a means of sharing diversity and enjoying it.

The west east separation of Europa is not yet overcome. Not long ago a
large step was made in this direction through the incorporation of the
Baltic and other eastern European states. Now the consciousness of the new
circumstances has to be stirred. Aspects of the the political, cultural,
economic and social life in Europe will move. The new entities will need a
friendly perception and opportunities to present themselves, their newborn
qualities as well as the historically rich culture etc.

The Baltic Sea is such an ideal place to present and trade the diversity
and wealth of cultures. Allthesame the Baltic Sea is historically a
neighbourhood of nations, a round table, a mensa that grants distance but
allows vicinity, dialogue, and trade. Today these nations are united in a
shared effort to preserve the Baltic Sea as an economic, cultural and
ecologically invaluable landscape of affluence and self consciousness.
Gdyby na świecie żyły tylko modelki, umarłbym jako nieszczęśliwy impotent.