Autor Wątek: New Skaven [1250] - Warpghost Clan  (Przeczytany 10009 razy)

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New Skaven [1250] - Warpghost Clan
« dnia: Luty 18, 2010, 04:29:49 pm »
Witam ;)
Warpghost Clan go to War!

Co sądzicie o takiej rozpisce?


gen Plague priest Anatraxiik - 169pts
[lvl2, foul pendant,  flail]

Warlock Zapmek Cackle - 120pts
[lvl2, warp condenser]

Warlock Baneratikk - 125pts
[lvl2, dispel scroll]


Clan Rats - 192pts
25x rats [banner, music, doomflayer, hand weapon, spear, shield]

Clan Rats - 157.5pts
20x rats [banner, music, ratling gun, hand weapon, shield]

Clan Rats - 157pts
20x rats [banner, music, ratling gun, hand weapon, shield]

Slaves - 40pts
20x slave

Slaves - 40pts
20x slave

Abomination [warpspikes] - 250pts

TOTAL: 1250pts


In the midst of genetically engineered super-beings, alien killing machines, warrior mystics, and technology that approaches sorcery in its sophistication, the Imperial Guard are mere soldiers.

'If brutal force isn't working you're not using enough!'